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Flag Football Tournament Tips

07/16/2012, 12:06am EDT
By Around the League

These are some stellar tips that can help your team be all they can be.

Getting back into the swing of flag football after a holiday break can often be a tough proposition. There's the fact the throwing arm might be a little rusty after a long spring flag football season. Or it maybe its just your squad is in a bit of a rebuilding mode after "reality" set in and your team has discovered its not as good as projected, For some the 4th of July was a time for to much eating and drinking and not enough exercise. What ever the case may be, in anticipation of our kickoff tournament this weekend Saturday July 21st we have decided to compile a few tips to get you and your 4 on 4 flag football team ready to play. 

 Now by no means are we doctors or trained health professionals, but these are some stellar tips that can help your team be all they can be. 

  1. Hydrate - Above beyond anything drink tons of water and fluids at least 48hrs before the tournament starts. Many players make the common mistake of waiting until gameday to start drinking, but often times that just leads to making a "special offering" on the field. To avoid potential cramping and other ailments start drinking early!
  2. Have a plan - This for veteran players as well as rookies to 4 on 4 flag football. There is no need to have Belichik like playbook, but it is important to have atleast 5 offensive plays and 1 zone defense. Additionally for the teams that are preparing to go all the way, a one minute offense is essential. 
  3. Read the rule book - The PFFL rule book is posted online, so there is no excuse why everyone on your team shouldn't have some working knowledge of the do's and don'ts. Without knowing the rules of 4 on 4 flag football, your team is limiting there chances to win.  
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