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WR or DB, Who Do You Choose?

02/02/2011, 7:01pm EST

Elite corners are able to keep their eyes on the quarterback

It’s a debate that may have no right answer. But it’s a debate that can be critical to the success of your flag football team: What position is more crucial, cornerback or receiver?

In one sense, if you can’t put points on the board you don’t have a chance to win. But on the other hand, if you can’t cover receivers, not only do you not have a chance to keep points off the board, but you also allow the clock to be run out.

Let’s evaluate the two sides deeper.

What makes a great receiver? Well, a receiver must have good hands and possess shifty ability to make people miss. That receiver must also be able to beat coverage, as well as run routes that may confuse the defensive backs.

Now, what makes a great cornerback? To be an elite corner at the flag football ranks, you must possess excellent ball skills. You need to have shifty feet, and be able to play the ball without making contact with a receiver.

However, cornerbacks have other responsibilities that make the position difficult. Elite corners are able to keep their eyes on the quarterback while still playing their zone or man. And of course, pulling flags may be the most crucial of all because the best corners will allow the underneath route rather than the deep ball.

After evaluating flag football for as long as I have, it’s obvious that elite corners are few and far between. Whereas many teams have what could be considered an elite receiver.

The fact that less great cornerbacks are out there, leads me to believe that having an elite corner will better serve a team than having an elite receiver. Let’s not forget the old cliché: Defense wins championships

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