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Flag Football Leadership Must Start With The QB

06/12/2012, 12:51pm EDT
By Around the League

You hear it all the time from NFL analysts: The quarterback is always the leader of the football team. I’m here to say, that in flag football, the same rule applies.

The quarterback isn’t always the most important position in flag football, but the man behind center better be your leader.

As with any sport, competition can get heated in the moment of battle. Now, this isn’t to say the quarterback can’t lose his cool every once in a while, but he does need to be the guy to keep the team together.

Quarterbacks that are too critical of their teammates, often times do not reach championships at the collegiate or professional level. And once again, the same rule applies for flag football.


The best teams in flag football have quarterbacks that support his players, regardless of what may happen. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism are two things the quarterback must know hot to do. And maybe even more important, knowing when to use each.

If you evaluate the best flag football teams, you will notice an interesting trend between the good teams and the “work in progress” type teams.

The quarterback for a good team will take the heat when things go wrong, and deflect the praise when things are going well. Meanwhile, the quarterback of bad teams will often look around for people to blame, as if he couldn’t have made an error.

Heck, it isn’t just quarterbacks from bad teams that do that. It’s quarterbacks from teams that have success, but can never win championships.

In an earlier story I mentioned it isn’t always important to have the best quarterback. And that is true. But it is critical that whoever you get as a signal caller is able to be the definitive leader of your squad.

At least if you want to have a shot at a championship.

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